Wednesday, 10 June 2009

25% Off all Pocket Gardens until the end of June 2009

Until the end of June, we are offering 25% off our entire range of Pocket Gardens.

Pocket Gardens

The Pocket Garden is an excellent way to give a loved one or friend a gift that will become a permanent reminder. In fact, these funky gifts are so handy that they'll quite happily sit on any window sill or office desk, so you can give them to almost anyone!

Supplied in a sealed leak-proof bag our Pocket Gardens contain specially formulated compost and seeds, so all you need to do is cut open and add water, allowing the contents to grow into a beautiful houseplant or herb.

We have three ranges of Pocket Gardens, the Occasions Range, the Organic Herbs Range and the Plants Range, so there's a Pocket Garden to suit everyone.

These items can only be shipped to customers within the UK.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Late Newsletter

Hello all.

I'm desperately trying to get the latest edition of the Moonrust Newsletter finished because it's late again this month. I always seem to run out of time before the end of each month arrives, hence the lateness all the time... Must try harder!

The stock room move went very well over the weekend, so we now have the extra space we need for all those lovely new lines we'll be investing in over the next few months (phew). Lets just hope we don't have to move again any time soon (although that would mean we were doing VERY well), because moving is HORRIBLE!!

Anyway, must go, this newsletter is never going to write itself and I've got Women Behind Bars to watch.

Blog again soon x

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Moving to a Bigger Stock Room

Well, it's actually turning out to be quite a sunny day after the rainy start this morning, but I'm working indoors anyway, so it makes no odds to me!

We're finally moving to a bigger stock room today, so hopefully we'll be able to invest in some fabulous new lines over the next few months, now that we'll have somewhere to store them.

The only trouble is that I absolutely HATE moving, and this feels much like moving house... but it's all for the better of Moonrust, so I'll grin and bear it.

We should have a few more articles soon as well, so keep reading!

Blog again soon :)

Friday, 29 May 2009

Voodoo Dolls, Worry Dolls and 21st Century Gods of the Wire

Worry dolls and voodoo dolls come from quite different backgrounds, yet seem to have come together in providing a growing number of people with either a charming, quirky token of pagan, New Age thinking, or very real strength and confidence, depending upon their beliefs.

At Moonrust we supply a number of quite different, cheeky little voodoo dolls, and several sets of worry dolls, and although it’s not possible to know all the different reasons why our customers keep on coming back for these gifts, there are three reasons why they prove popular in general.

The first reason is that today’s voodoo dolls, about as remote from the macabre and sinister activities of the Caribbean witchdoctors of darker times as it’s possible to get, represent a wry acknowledgement of where we have come from. With our twenty first century gods of the wire, digital deities that seem to be omniscient to the point of predicting what we’re going to type next, more and more of us are feeling a deep need to acknowledge that our past contains magic, mystery and unknown powers which would make a mockery of our present day reliance on hard facts, scientific theories and dismissiveness of all things unproven.

Perhaps it’s simply the name, although this is unfair since the spiritual beliefs of Haiti, which included voodoo, were very much based upon the environment, natural and spiritual energies, and the intrinsic relationship between all people, and the natural world in which they live. But thanks chiefly to Hollywood, voodoo does stir up images of dark, mysterious magic and above all, the ability to control the actions and behaviours of other people. How appealing this is, especially when the tax man calls, or the bank writes to us!

The second reason why we feel that voodoo dolls and worry dolls have grown in popularity is that they have been designed so well, with such character and appeal, that as fascinating little curios or talking points, they engender humour and interest, harking back to dark and mysterious times but in a way which cannot be taken literally or seriously, knocking 21st century cynicism very slightly out of kilter.

But perhaps the biggest reason, and the least mentioned, is the fact that, deep down, most of us harbour superstitious beliefs in one way or another. A little voodoo doll, or a set of worry dolls might on the surface appear to be little more than harmless fun, a light-hearted bit of frivolity. But perhaps our needs run deeper than we like to admit, and small tokens or charms may hold more power than that for which they are given due credit.

We live in a world where silicon seems to be running the planet. Our love affair with silicon, the heart of every microchip, seems to have inspired us to take this compound into our own bodies in efforts to fabricate our natural bodies as we fabricate our own version of this world in place of our inheritance. Whether it is our blessing or our curse to be born into a world where scepticism is encouraged almost from the moment we learn to speak – don’t trust strangers, don’t believe all you see on TV – our life is a gift nonetheless, and it is up to us to take this gift to heart and go with it where our will takes us.

But as silicon and nuclear physics drives our world ever forwards, it seems to be becoming ever more important for us to look over our shoulders, and keep tight hold of our heritage for fear of losing it, and ourselves, in the maelstrom of modern gods of the wire over which we fool ourselves we still have control. Perhaps this is why so many of us are secretly stowing our worry dolls under our pillows each night, giving each the gift of a single worry, whilst keeping our chosen voodoo doll nearby to guard against our foes, seek out and disarm our fears, or weave their magic over those who inspire us, or whose hearts we earnestly wish to win!

It is a curious fact that as technology advances, the questions become ever more numerous, and as scientific research digs ever deeper into the fabric of our world, the more it seems to scratch its head in disbelief. Superstitions are often based on subconscious memories and knowledge inherited from our ancestors, perhaps misguided, but at least all of us alive today have been born of those who survived. Perhaps there may be something in it after all!

Above all, for many people, simply having one of our sets of worry dolls encourages the mental facing up to our fears, the acceptance of our concerns and the organisation of our troubles, and this in itself is a healthy and positive thing to do. Similarly, whilst we cannot guarantee our delightful little voodoo dolls will win over your boss, win the love of your life, or guard you from all possible harm, perhaps the mere acknowledgement of your fears, hopes and desires is really all it takes?

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Crystal Dowsing and Pendulum Divination

Crystal dowsing and pendulum divination have been popular for at least six thousand years, with both the Egyptians and Chinese attaching great importance to the power of the pendulum. Dowsing with crystals has been long held as having an established history of success, and today it is accepted by almost every professional field to be able to produce very real, very measurable, and very accurate results. Used by the British army, police and doctors, crystal pendulums have been used to determine everything from the location of murder weapons to the location of enemy submarines, from underground water to gold veins and even identifying the exact location of problems within the body. Without doubt, the use of a pendulum as a form of divination really does work – but how is this possible?

The truth is that no one really knows for certain. The cause of the effect cannot be measured, but the degree of success most certainly can. The easiest way of thinking about crystal divination or pendulum dowsing is to consider the aerial on your radio. Flying through the air, quite unseen to any of your senses, is a multitude of radio waves and radio signals. Passing through your body, through your head right now are many dozens of radio channels, voices, songs and adverts. Fortunately for us all we can’t tell!

But simply by using a little aerial, our radio can detect these unseen signals, and interpret them as meaningful sounds, words and music. In just the same way of course, our televisions also pick up the many other signals flying thorough the ether. When you stop to think about it, at any one given moment there may be dozens, scores – perhaps even hundreds of programs and signals, all man-made, passing through every cell in your body, every second of the day.

But these unseen signals all around us aren’t just man-made. Think about the earth’s magnetic field. We can’t feel this ourselves, at least, not many of us can. But birds and many other animals rely on being able to detect these fields. It’s one of the main ways that birds and other migratory animals are able to navigate their way with pinpoint accuracy across journeys of thousands of miles. Some people seem to have an uncanny natural ability to tell which way north is, even when blindfolded in a room, and it may be possible that there are vestiges of this internal compass in some of us.

Crystal dowsing using a pendulum is believed to be a way of tuning our bodies and minds into these unseen signals which are all around is, but which we cannot detect using our normal senses alone. It isn’t known precisely how we manage this, or in what form these energies or signals may be, but proof, if any is needed, is in the undeniable fact that using a pendulum works, and has been seen to work in all manner of fields.

You may not be looking to identify the exact location of enemy submarines, nor locate murder weapons, gold veins or blood clots, but one of the reasons why pendulums have proven to be so popular is that they can be used for almost any purpose. We all have questions, every day – many of them seemingly trivial, but often we find ourselves debating which course of action is right, which way to tackle a problem, or who to trust.

Perhaps deep down we have an inkling of an idea, a subconscious gut feeling, which many perceive to be a very low quality method of tuning in to the energies around us, picking up on the positive feelings, the right energies, and turning away from potential negative energy. If so, then it is clear to see how using a pendulum or crystal dowsing chain can help calm and steady our bodies, helping them to tune in to these subconscious feelings and guide us in the right way.

Although many pendulums incorporate a crystal within the base, there are many different types of pendulum, and many jewels, crystals and metals which can be used. Some have even used wood, or water. It seems that certain natural elements have an added ability to tune in to the energy and signals around us, and crystals have long been known to have the ability to tune in to vibrations – which is one of the reasons they’re often used in watches.

We sell onyx and quartz pendulums which are very beautiful and tactile. We’re also very excited about being able to offer a new range of pewter pendulums. These have a very classic look to them, and because pewter is quite heavy, the pendulum’s swing is much more precise. This means that readings taken using our pewter pendulum are far more accurate and much easier to interpret. Whether you have an interest in using crystal dowsing as part of Reiki, Feng Shui or healing, or whether you wish to use explore the art of pendulum divination, we are sure that our pendulum will prove to be both beautiful and effective. As many people use pendulums to help find lost items, why not buy two – then if you lose one you can find it with the other!